re: Metallica, live in Yas Island

Metallica at Yas Island 2013

Last weekend Yas island hosted Metallica concert at du Arena. It wasn’t my first concert to go to but it was my first rock concert. I’ve heard from some of the fan that Metallica is not just another rock band it is the rock band to go to, so i shouldn’t be comparing Metallica with another rock concert.

I’ve been a big big fan of Metallica since the 90’s so i know all about them and about their music, but being there in person listening to them live was a different experience, it is like it was the first time i listen to them, it was so great.

The music was so loud and so powerful that my ears were still buzzing till the night after. I was so exited and pumped by the music that i felt my blood circulation has been shaken and i’ve been refreshed from all that routine and dull life.

du Arena is in Abu Dhabi, Yas Island just out side Ferrari World, it’s a huge outdoor arena that can take up to 15K at a concert. I’ve paid about 700 Dirham for FAN PIT area where the general admission tickets cost about 250 to 500 Dirham i gues.

It was well worth it and im inshallah defently going to do it again.

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