SICK MINDS…I am even ashamed to write about it


By Badrya Darwish. KUWAIT

I am even ashamed to write about it. I could not believe my eyes when I first read the news. I thought that I needed to get my eyesight checked or perhaps I was reading without my glasses on.

Thank God, it was not my eyesight, so I do not need to visit the optometrist. But still the news upset me. Guys, some people in the parliament and others in the health sector are trying to improve the medical services in Kuwait by discriminating blatantly and unashamedly between expats and citizens.

They have the guts to suggest that expats are the root cause why health care services are deteriorating in Kuwait. So, they are suggesting a million ways to correct what they think is the main problem. They are asking expats to go to clinics or hospitals only during the evening shift.

We, the privileged citizens, on the other hand, are required to go and see our doctors only in the morning. According to the bunch of geniuses behind this proposal, most Kuwaiti doctors work in the morning. So it would be easier for a Kuwaiti patient to be examined by a Kuwaiti doctor.

Most consultants also work morning shifts, which means that all expats will be deprived of good consultancy and, consequently, appropriate healthcare. What if a sick expat showed up at the hospital door? Are you going to turn him back and ask him to come back in the afternoon? I hope those making the suggestion are not planning to apply similar measures to emergency services too. Imagine an ambulance carrying a patient in a critical condition being asked to come back later in the afternoon! By the way, the work hours of many labs are in the mornings.

What happens to the expats’ blood tests in that case? Well-thought! These guys should be the legislators of Kuwait’s future. They are buzzing with creative and innovative ideas. In a country where the expat workforce comprises two thirds of the population, you are applying such discriminating rules? I cannot believe that we have reached such a nadir in Kuwait. I hope it does not happen in the 21st century and certainly not when the Arab Spring is ongoing and there are active human rights organizations out there, forget the various international organizations.

We are a Muslim country. We do not need organizations from abroad to tell us what is wrong and what is right. Apartheid and such kinds of discrimination are anti-Islamic.

In fact, Islam ordains equality for all human beings regardless of colour, race or background. Amazingly, most of those behind the proposal are supposed to belong to a religious group, if they think that long beards are a sign of religiosity. Many also have high degrees and are educated. What is motivating such ugly apartheid campaigns? Is it a campaign to get rid of expats? In my opinion, only a sick mind can come up with such an apartheid style idea which contradicts completely our sharia laws.

I suggest to the initiators of this idea that if they are so enthusiastic, they should kick out all the nurses because they are not Kuwaitis, in addition to the lab technicians and many others working in the health sectors in the hospitals.

By doing so, they will have all Kuwaiti staff. Then, they will train and recruit our citizens only. If that is even possible, let them bring forth their proposal.

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