review: Toronto

People: There is a vas diversity in the city of Toronto and amazingly they live in Harmon, people are always friendly and welcoming.

There are all kind of culture where ever you go, Asian, Black, European, Muslims Arabs and Indians.

It’s fairly safe, not felt any kind of 5oof when ever i walked the streets of Toronto, there is no much of homeless or drunk people I’ve seen and with almost every eye contact you greeted with a smile.

As for the girls, i can describe them with two words ~ young ‘n booby.

Weather (June Time): i heard a lot about Canadian weather and how cold its there so when i packed my bag i stuck a lot of winter cloth and jackets. But when i arrived there is was spring time and not much cold in-fact it was sunny and kinda hot well it was hot. but I’ve see some pictures of the winter were everything was white.

As for the summer it get really humid as they say.

Driving: I liked driving there its very organized and well respect for the law, but i struggled with the speed limits they have over there, speed limits of 100KM which was very low for me specially when you drive long distant.

Food: They don’t have a variety of restaurants it almost the same everywhere, but the quality and quantity of food is good you can eat almost everywhere because they have a high standers of cleanness.

Shopping: I’ve seen a lot and a lot of better places to shop around the world, there is nothing special and the price is just too much with 30%TAX.

They have small malls and shops almost everywhere, but nothing fancy and nothing special at all.

Overall: just below average city, i will only go back there if i need to go there. it’s nice relaxing city not a crazy loud living city such as New York or Koln or Manchester. very good for families.

Highlights: Niagara falls, Yuk Yuks, Rex Bar, Sky Dive.

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