To Manchester, new ways to travel and stay


A while ago i went to Manchester to see Man Utd vs WestHam at old Trafford and i thought to do it differently this time. So instead of staying in a hotel i’ve stayed with, also instead of flying to Manchester from London i’ve taken the fast train (I did travel by train before but it wasn’t a fast train and had to change trains few times). was great, but it was time consuming to find a place to stay in. Almost all the good places are booked and if not the host don’t reply to you :(.

Also some flats and rooms rates are high some are at the same price of 3 stars hotels rooms if not more.

But you really get a nice experience. I loved it and i will do it again (You can read about it here).

If you are traveling by train you should always book your tickets in advance, believe it or not it can be very costly if you book it on the spot.

And i’ve learned from my past trip to Paris that there are a very good websites that offers a very cheep prices for train tickets. I’ve bought my first class ticket from London to Manchester with more than 70% discount, at first i didnt believe it, i said i got a discount but not 70%, out of curiosity i’ve checked the ticket price at the train station and it was true. I congratulate my self for that deal.

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