Texas RoadHouse Kuwait

Just the other week i went with a friend to Texas Roadhouse (In Grand Avenues Phase) who he was invited to try their food. When we arrived we have seated quickly and never had to wait as the restaurant was big and can take large number of costumers.

We ordered from set menu, so you would think if they are only serving dishes from set menu you would get your order rather quickly than usual but ohh nooo it took almost 1 hour to serve the appetizers then another 10 min to serve the main dish.

I ordered a steak medium cook but it came little bit over cooked, my friend had a burger and it was soaked with salt and it was the same with his fries, he just couldn’t eat it, not to mention everything server was kinda cold.

I wouldn’t judge them based on this visit, but i can say they are a typical fastfood steakhouse and not a premium steakhouse restaurant. Although i wanna try them not in a busy day.

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