VIVA’s Launches Online Auction


The VIVA E-Auction Started on October 8th and will run for two weeks, where various premium VIVA numbers will be displayed for auction. Participants must be KNET holders in order to qualify and must be a customer of any of the three telecom providers in Kuwait.

To enter this fully automated online VIVA auction, interested participants should visit , click on auction banner, choose the premium VIVA number they wish to have and then simply register by filling in the VIVA auction account form. Upon registering, participants are then taken to the KNET page and are charged a non-refundable amount of 150 KD.

Participants will receive login information through an SMS, making them eligible to make four bids on the premium VIVA number of their choice. Lucky bidders will be contacted by the VIP center for further instructions.

Twitter: @VIVATelecom
Instagram: VIVAtelecom

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