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Mada Internet Solutions


For the first time i’m very happy with my internet connection. I’ve been an internet user since 1997. We started with KEMS when it was a dial up ~ happy days, fun days with the mIRC and ICQ.

Few years later we’ve moved to Qualitynet and been with them for almost more that 10 years and they were ok, nothing great, and due to Kuwait bad internet infrastructure we couldn’t use the maximum speed or upgrade for more that 1Mbps, so i turned to WiMAX solutions and i’m so glad that i went with Mada.

I’ve paid 200KD for 12 months subscription and i’ve got the router for free. I’ve been using Mada for more than a year now, and i’m so satisfied with the service and the support, but recently they’ve been perfect..

Both download and ping rate is just amazing, and for the first time since 1997 i feel happy with my internet connection.

Thank you Mada for great service, may it long continue.


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