Reality Of Human Flight

I was very impressed with the video, seems a great flight experience  and real adrenalin rush, it also have a nice music, surely it going to be in my TODO-LIST, I would love to do it one day.

What i loved the most about the video is the ending quote “A heart in love with beauty never grows old. Let the beauty we love be what we do and see”… Can’t think of a better line to describe my lifestyle.


GoPro HD Athlete Alexander Polli wingsuit diving in New Zealand, Switzerland, and Norway. This is proximity flying with a wingsuit and proximity flying in tracking gear (tracksuit) without a wingsuit; tracking gear consists of a jacket and pants that inflate with air, which then increases push force when you move your body through the air.

Proximity flying with a wingsuit is recommended only for very trained athletes and is considered a very dangerous sport. Proximity flying in tracking gear leaves even less margin for error and requires a more specific choice of flyable lines—if you get too deep, you don’t have wings to help you get out

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