Arabia 3D @ The Scientific Center

Go deep into the heart of an exotic land and experience the mystique of Arabia. With the full force of IMAX cinematography, Arabia will have you riding the dunes with a camel caravan, diving into the treasure-laden Red Sea, exploring the ruins of a towering lost city, hurtling back into the Islamic golden age of invention, and getting to know the young Arabians transforming tormorrow’s world. You will also join in the extraordinary pilgrimage known as the hajj, where each year 3 million Muslims arrive in the holy city of Makkah to reaffirm their faith, creating the largest single human gathering on Earth.

The story of Arabia spans 2,000 years of Arabian history but is told by three vibrant, modern-day Arabian citizens, each invested in learning more about their history and culture. The film’s real-life guides are Hamzah Jamjoom, a Saudi Arabian film student at Chicago’s De Paul University, who returns home to make a film about his heritage; Nimah Nawwab, a writer, poet and photographer who provides a young woman’s perspective on Arabia; and leading Arabian archaeologist Dr. Daifallah Al-Talhi, who is digging into his people’s incredible past in the lost Nabataean city of Madain Saleh.

Arabia is a surprising and illuminating journey that not only unveils an oft-hidden world of discovery–but also serves as a bridge between two cultures that have long misunderstood one another. A powerful giant screen tour de force–and the first major production to be granted access to more than 20 locations across Arabia–Arabia offers a deeper understanding of this most fascinating culture and way of life.

Arabia Schudel

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