• Great Service
    امس كان يوم حافل بالمشاوير و الشغل و زاد الطين …
  • Lufthansa, thumbs up ;)
    قبل رمضان سافرت الى المانيا على طيران Lufthansa ..  الصراحه طيران …
  • iPhone App: Star Walk
    One of the best iPhone app i recently used, recommended …
  • Can or bottle? Can or bottle? 
    Just on the other night when I suppose to finish …
  • World Water Day
    The Scientific Center Of Kuwait will organize World Water Day …



Everybody talking about Kristen Stewart scandal even Will Ferrell

During an appearance on the Conan show, Will Ferrell had an emotional outburst about the recent Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson drama.

Funny man Will funny man.

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