Diwaan Expo

Diwaan Expo will be held in the International Fair Ground – Hall 8.
Sponsored by Dr. Shaikh, Talal AlFahad AlAhmed AlJaber AlSabah

We are ambitious Kuwaitis striving to highlight the talents of the Kuwaiti youth providing them with enough support and motivation. From that, we have set this program (Event MGMT – Diwaan) consisting of a Kuwaiti national team leading small businesses through the second step that allows them to publicize their outstanding creations. And this all starts and ends by putting Kuwaiti minds and efforts to it bearing in mind the loyalty and tender to our homeland Kuwait. As this is our first year to organize an event of a size, we are writing to introduce Diwaan at first, then go on with the purpose of our blogs designated email. Diwaan will soon distribute invitations to the bloggers who have the courage to help us induce our message to their segmented readers. Further more, we are fully aware of how important blogging has become in the past few years, especially in Kuwait.
Diwaan community is a program built to fully support small Kuwaiti businesses and innovations. The program will help them allow their humble businesses to move on to a wider level of expansion converting their medium/small project to a successful business in an era of progress and development among the local society at first and in the long run, on to the gulf region, generally, to serve the community and to engage within a circle of a 100% Kuwaiti productive family. Diwaan community’s goal is to enlighten the path for Kuwaiti youth, presenting them in a professional way to major companies. Moreover, our job is to think thoroughly and deeply of possible ways bringing youth’s entrepreneurial dreams to reality. Last but not least, we would like to take the term “Expo” to a higher level of modernity and benefit the participants giving them the financial freedom, growth experience and satisfaction, reflected by our reliable services, more than making it an entertaining zone.

For booth reservations:
60034834 – 97115155

For more information about Diwaan Expo,
Please contact us on our HOTLINE: 90905062

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