Simply Indescribable

I’ve been dreaming for a long time to do a sky dive but I never thought it would be that excited. The first thing I planned for when I knew I’m going to Canada is to just to jump out of airplane, and that was exactly what I did 🙂

On a windy Saturday I had to drive all the way from Oakville to Baldwin which was an hour and a half away. Lucky my when I arrived it was a perfect day for a sky jump, I toke some ground training before I get to the airplane and from a 10,000ft I just throw myself out of airplane…. and it’s just F@#king amazing.

I just don’t have the words to describe it. Absolutely the best feeling ever.

4 Responses to “Simply Indescribable”

  1. 3ateeja says:

    awsooooomeeeeeeee !!!!
    wanasa wanasa wanaasaaa walllaa yabela asaweha sooon inshalla 😀
    bs 3ad fe 7arem wala kila ryayel ely ynzlon m3ak??
    etha kila ryayel ma ynfa3 lel asaf @@

    glad that u had fuuuun & ur wish comes truth yeeeeey 😀

  2. Ab Shtail says:

    fee 7reem shloon ma fee ..

  3. mohamed says:

    can u talk about the detail like the name of the company, cost…etc

  4. Ab Shtail says:

    I’ve jumped with Parachute School of Toronto, it’s about 1 hour drive from Oakville (it’s near toronto).

    First Tandem jump cost 299 Canadian dollars, and if you decide to jump again the next jump costs 150 Canadian dollars.

    before the jump they tutor you for about 15min about what is going to happen and what you should be doing once you are out the airplane.

    School site. :

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