Lido Show, Paris

One of the things I’ve been doing lately when I’m traveling is to go to live shows, it’s really an enjoyable experience of travel.

Beside Live bands you can always go to musical, plays, cabaret, magic show or even circus,, i wouldn’t mind what ever is available.

There is a top cabaret show called Lido in middle of “Champs Élysées”, ticket price was 95 Euro for the 9:30pm show, but if you book the late show at 11:30 show you get a discount of 20 Euros include the drinks. So i booked the late show.

There wasn’t many attending the show, it was only half of full.

The show was of many segments, musical (semi nude), ice skiing, comedy, magic and other stuff. It was fun show, but mostly musical, i was more impressed with the stage than what happen on the stage,.. It was a top stage and they utilized it well with Ice ring, water fountain, fire flames and a lot more came from that stage. The performing was ok but not that much ok :).. The show was almost two hours.

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Since photographing wasn’t allowed when i was there i’ve posted picture from google 🙂 ..

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