Sea Food, French style

Dinner One: One of the thing i was so excited  to do during  my trip to Paris is to have a real good sea food dinner, and since my trip was short i asked the hotel   concierge about the best near by sea food restaurant and he recommended “Maison Alsace Paris” the one on “Champs Élysées”, and so i went.

I never tried the fresh oysters before so i ordered some also i’ve ordered a big crab, a lobster and an onion soup too, you can’t go to Paris not try their onion soup.

The soup was so tasty and delicious, the cheese is really amazing, it was the best onion soup i ever tasted. Then they served the main course, fresh oysters and boiled lobster and crab, i thought they lobster and crab would be cooked 🙁 ..

The Oyster tasted and felt so fresh that they just been taking out of the sea, very salty and very mushy, i had a mixed feeling when i ate them, they are good and not good in the same time; but i will eat them again :). It was good dinner and i ended up paying 120 Euros 🙂 .. NOT WORTH it at all.

Dinner Two: A day after i went to try a different kind of sea food, cooked kind this time and i’ve ate at the “Leon de Bruxelles” another restaurant on “Champs Élysées”  and this time i didn’t order much, just bread, mussels and shrimp.

they mussels are really good, very tasty and came in a big potion, i really enjoyed it. the bread is the one thing that is always delicious where every you ate them, and the shrimp was tasteless 🙁 .. but i haven’t pay that much this time .. it was only 40 Euros.

On a side note, i don’t know if they have 7up or sprite because whenever i order they either don’t understand me or they don’t have it, but they do have something similar and it called “Pschitt” which is funny name for a a drink..


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