Jazz night with Bobby Rush

“Jazz such a great music and i think it’s dreamer sound.”

There are so many things to do in Paris, food, art, shows, music and more.. I think i did them all in mu short visit, but i need another visit more relax one to experience France in a proper way.

I hear that there are a lot of Jazz in Paris but when i asked which is the best place to go to? many hesitated to recommend something, so i turned to Hotel Concierge and he recommended Marriott Jazz Club, and so i went 🙂 ..

Of course it was live band and it was from 11pm to 2am in a hotel bar, so the set up and atmosphere wasn’t ideal. The music was all about Blues and so little Jazz.. the BAND featuring was Bobby Rush Band and they were quite good, funny at times and super great when go solo.

It was good night, but i’ve been to better jazz clubs 🙂 .. So far Paris experience is average 🙁 ..

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