Yesterday i went to see IRON MAN 2 as i became a big fan since the previous part, I really loved Robert Downey, Jr. as he outdone his role that make IRON MAN my number 1 Superheroes film.

Just to not get a high expectation for part 2 and ruin the film for me, I never read a review or watched a trailer and almost avoided everything related to the film and i guess it was the best thing i did 🙂 ..

I was surprised to see Scarlett Johansson in the film and boy she was sexy, i just didn’t want the film to finish, in every scene she is more and more attractive and seducing.

My only bad review on the film that i saw it in Digital IMAX, the picture wasn’t that great, lots of ghosting and the dark scene not very good,. Next time i will watch it in regular theater.

Film rating 10/10 (Sexy, Funny and awesome)

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