re: Applebee’s, never again!

A week before the new year I’ve been to Applebee’s and it was terrible as you can read my Original post.

After dinning there i complained, but few days later i got a call from the restaurant to apologize and to invite me again to-make-it-up for the last time I’ve been there and i did go again with almost the same group.

there was a 360 degree change in the service. Food was almost the same not that great but this time they have everything in the menu. The manager and staff team leader was on my head, it wasn’t only our table that getting the attention other tables as well i think everybody got a great service that night.

I would like thank Applebee’s staff and management for trying their best to make me enjoy the experience at their restaurant, but it’s the food quality that is not that great.

As we finished i asked for the bill but they refuse to let me pay as that dinner was a complimentary of them, and i felt alright for not paying as that kind of food i shouldn’t be paying for..

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