One of my all time best ever TV sitcom is “Married with children“. I remember watching some serise on KTV2 back then, and i had a crush on kelly Bundy :). I didn’t watch all 11 seasons until later of the year 2009 when i bought the final season of the series and what a great 11 seasons.

Al, Piggy, Kelly and Bud were all top characters on the show that you can’t have a favorite character, the chemistry and the understanding between them are unbelievable they were so natural.

I loved Dodge, Hooters and Rock music from that show.

One of the best moments of the show is the NO MA’AM, which Al and the rest of the guys started an organization called National Organization of Men Against Amazonian Masterhood and organization against ugly and man-a-like-woman, and if it real organization i would be the first to join.

Loved the show, loved the characters, epic sitcom won’t have enough of watching it..

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  1. نواف الرديني says:

    مو طبيعي هالمسلسل 🙂

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