Applebee’s, never again!

The other night I went with my friends to the Avenues to grab something to eat. Unwillingly, I ended up going to Applebee’s since they all insisted! As I expected, it was absolutely terrible!

They were out of almost 2/3 of their menu. The only soup they had was mushroom soup which was cold and thick 🙁 .

They later served us soft drinks that were warm and flat! For our main course, we ordered steak! BAD CHOICE! Especially when none of us, literally, received the right cooking preference. I complained to the Manager and all I got was “I’m sorry” (bkel brood). The only offer he gave me was to wait for 20 minutes to get another steak, HOPING it would come out right!

The only dish that got a way with it was the Ceasar Salad. But then ag ain, how wrong can they go?

Over all, quality of food wasn’t good, the service was bad and it was well over priced.

I submitted a complaint on their website but I won’t be surprised if they didn’t get back to me.

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