iOS 5.0.1


A new update for the iPhone – iOS5.0.1 is out already! Mainly to fix minor issues such as the battery’s life, some iPad features as well as making the Australian dialect voice commands clearer.

I’ve downloaded this update by connecting my phone to my brother’s iPhone. It was easy and fast 🙂

What’s really cool about it is that you can update it without connecting to your iTunes:)

All you need to do is have a wi-fi connection and do the following:

Go to Settings -> General -> Software Update -> Click on Download and Install

It takes less than 4 minutes to be done:)

3 Responses to “iOS 5.0.1”

  1. Jay says:

    Thanks but Available through 3G as well

  2. Ab Shtail says:

    I think it is available

  3. q8hangouts says:

    Thanks for the info. I guess ill have to update my iPhone 4S because the battery issue is really killing me. I read that this update will fix that problem. anyways ill find out soon 🙂

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