iPhone 4S name and design leaked by iTunes

A leak in iTunes may have settled the rumors and debates about the design and name of the next iPhone. iTunes 10.5 beta 9 includes image files for the new iPhone – and they look exactly like the CDMA iPhone 4. Additionally, the files reference the new handset as ‘iPhone 4S‘. Both of these findings are exactly what TiPb has been hearing all along.

Also notable is that the files reference only two new iPhone 4S models: black and white, whereas the iPhone 4 references 4 models: black/GSM, black/CDMA, white/GSM, and white/CDMA. This is a strong indicator that the iPhone 4S will be a dual-mode, GSM+CDMA handset.

We are now only 3 days away from putting all the rumors to rest, because onTuesday, Apple will reveal the truth.

Continue speculating in the meantime!

Source: 9TO5 MacAppleInsider
Post source: Tipb

6 Responses to “iPhone 4S name and design leaked by iTunes”

  1. QABAQ says:

    This is what i have been telling all the “I want my iPhone 5” people all along, it will be an iPhone 4S and not 5. I think :p

  2. Es verdad que el iPhone 4S puede ir varias veces mas fluido que el iPhone 4?? Mi iPhone 4 tira de miedo!! Estos listos lo que les gustaria es que nos gastemos mas pasta 😛

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