Apple to launch iPhone 5 next month

It’s been rumored in varies websites that apple is posed to launch the famous iPhone 5 in their upcoming media event on 5 October. It won’t be Steve Job presenting the iPhone 5, it will be the new CEO Tim Cook taking apple to the next level.

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  1. You really think Apple, one of the most brilliantly run companies to date, is going to completely hold out on releasing new hardware until AFTER the holiday season? You seriously have no clue as to how retail companies think or conduct their business plans. Even if they only release iOS 5 then all they did was allow people to have a better version of the phone they already own without paying for a new device. Apple is way too smart and greedy for that. Not to mention they’re not going to pass up a chance to make MILLIONS in sales on a new device that everyone wants by Christmas. That’s just not going to happen. What WILL happen is that Apple will keep playing their super secret games and as always they’ll wait until the very last minute to have an expo releasing the information just days before presales open up and weeks before it’s available in stores. I predict the Iphone 5/4s will be released early to mid 4th Quarter of 2011.

  2. Ab Shtail says:

    I agree with all you said, but at some point Apple have to revel the next iPhone and i think they are doing it next month with their Media event.

    I think you are totally right that they will not be launching the new iPhone next month.

  3. iPhone 5 Jailbreaking…

    […]Apple to launch iPhone 5 next month « 18Seven, Its A Way Of Life[…]…

  4. pumpkins says:

    i for one will buy the iphone 5 no matter what i already have all the other ones as a collection and would love to get the new iphone screw you guys who thinks its all a joke

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