My Blog is blocked in KSA :(

The other day i got a tweet from a friend saying he can’t view my blog in Saudi Arabia. he works in the oil industry and he go there every day.

at first i thought it’s one time thing and it maybe a glitch, few days later i asked him to check my blog once he is there, and he replied it’s still block !! ..

I wonder why my blog is blocked in KSA 🙁 .. is it my blog only or all blogs are blocked in Saudi Arabia?!

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  1. نواف الرديني says:

    اتوقع موضوعك عن حبيبة ثيو والكوت ساهمت بحجب بلوقك بالسعودية 🙂

  2. نفس توقعي احد مبلغ عنك انك اتحط مواضيع غير اخلاقيه :))) لووووول قويه

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