OSN New HD package

If you are an OSN subscriber then you will notice that there are new channels added (4 HD channels + 2 Standard channels) and in order to view them you have to upgrade your package from whatever to PREMIUM HD which coast $95 (KD26.5) per month.

Subscribing to PREMIUM HD comes with OSN HD Showbox (It alone worth the Tv experience) and another decoder with Kids package.

OSN is really the real deal when it comes to watching Tv and having HD Showbox is spoiling the viewer with it features.

The Added channels are:
National Geographic HD
Nat Geo Adventure HD
Star Movies HD
Star World HD
itv (Not HD)
CI (Crime and Investigation) (Not HD)

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2 Responses to “OSN New HD package”

  1. نواف الرديني says:

    ما انصحك فيها لأن مسلسلاتها و افلامها قديمة
    و ماتسوى ال4 دنانير زيادة بالشهر

  2. Ab Shtail says:

    صج ؟؟ عاد قايل بسي ابغريد علشان قناة

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