Crush !t Meet Up 2

Good Morning All, it’s Crush !t time

Couple of weeks back I’ve joined the Crush !t circle and couple of days later we meet up at Cinescape Laila Gallery. I’ve meet with Khalid Alzanki and Hind Alnahedh as they prepare a very high standard session. I’ve really like the idea of Crush !t and effort put into this project and i think it will be top seminar.

Crush !t has a lot of  element that will make it a success but what i really liked the most is the engagement between the bloggers and how that will help them to raise the bar to a better standards.

The highlight of  meet up 2 session was a great presentation by Khalid and i was really impressed by his approach and skills. We are looking at something big coming up and I’m really exited to be part of it.

Watch out for more !!

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  1. First of all, Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts about my keynote presentation 🙂 Glad you have been fired-up with it.. It was such a great pleasure to have you within Crush It Bloggers Circle.. I agree the investment of efforts and time in Crush It seminar and launch is really high-end.. BIG YES for raising the bar of seminars in Kuwait..

  2. Ab Shtail says:

    Thank you Khalid for your comment 🙂

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