Out of shape

Last night i’ve been called to play football with the guys. We played at 11pm way after the sunset and were the temperature should cooled off a bit, but then we are in Kuwait and the temperature never cool off as it was almost 45 at the time :(.

We started with a warm up just a little and in-between stretching the muscles and not to get tired :), after 2 minutes of warm up we played and it was all good. 2 to 3 minutes later it all went downhill and all i did is start a an attack and half way the field we lost the ball and i had to track back :).. a motion of 3 minutes drained me off 🙁 ..

I never been out of shape as i was in today game. 🙁

But we had a good time, and i need to work on my fitness I REALLY DO !!

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  1. Slashy says:

    we’re all out of shape lat7aati ;P

    watch ur sugar aham shay

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