Me + Gym = funny joke

I’ve always thought that gyms are a huge scam! Since everything you ought to do at a gym can be done elsewhere. You can always exercises and walk by the beach, let alone the fact that you can work out at home. Although now that I think of it, it’s kinda lazy and not very exciting:p

But when it comes to a country like Kuwait, you’d have plenty of considerations. One of them is the beach. I love swimming and when I think about it truly, I’d realize that we do not have a proper beach on the Gulf road where you can have a nice swim! “ya kela 6een ya majary ya banzeen mn el jet skis”. Bad fluctuating weather is another factor in the equation.

So, I thought of joining a gym to enjoy swimming. I checked around and went through many expensive and reasonable priced offers where I finally picked Platinum Kifan.

I will start this week and see how it goes:) I won’t do it daily otherwise I’ll get excited and sporty for a week, then spend the rest of the weeks on my couch thinking:” Ohh! I missed the gym today AGAIN!”

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