VIVA 2nd Social Media Event

VIVA 2nd Social Media Event invited me to attend the VIP movie premiere of X-Men First Class which took place last night at the VIP theater in 360. The set up was very nice, food and drinks were provided by Fauchon and there was a cool Red Mango corner for the Frozen Yogurt fans! The place was filled with the wonderful spirits of some of Kuwait’s best Bloggers. I was super happy to be invited as I really love being part of such events where you’d mingle with great people and be the first to view new products.

I’m very grateful that VIVA joined the Kuwaiti market. They are very competitive and constantly active in the social and media events. Most importantly, they provided me with my dream mobile number 🙂

Thank you VIVA and thank you May Al-Subaie for this kind invitation.

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  1. says:

    bashr shlooon el.event ?

  2. مبروك يالعبد
    وشسالفة التلفون

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