Manutd vs Barcelona

It’s been 38 hours since the game ended but I still find it extremely hard to write about our loss. It’s not like we didn’t perform or we missed chances, it’s more like Barcelona didn’t allow us to play with their perfect passing.

Giving credit where the credit is due, Barcelona is the best and strongest team in the world right now, and so there is no shame in losing to the best. Congratulation Barcelona and better luck Manutd next season.

“What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger” – I have no doubt in their performance next season!

Glory Glory Man United!

2 Responses to “Manutd vs Barcelona”

  1. says:

    Hard Luck abdullah

    belmubarat hathi 9j nstahl el5sara ( adaaa2 say2 + 5ooof )

    o barca l3bhm kan wayd af’9l

  2. Ab Shtail says:

    عدل كلامك .. ويستاهلون البرشا

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