Great Weekend with Scintific Center

This weekend The Scintific Center will be hosting two great events on the following Friday and Saturday.

Friday 20th May: The well-known stationary company “Staedtler” is organizing its 4th annual “World Kids Coloring Day” from 3pm to 9pm in The Scientific Center. The event focuses on encouraging children (age 4 – 13) to be creative through the use of art. They have prepared an exciting program for attendees, which also includes contests and prizes. Your children are invited to attend this event.

Saturday 21st May: A group of young women volunteers representing “Wesal Media Team” will be present in TSCK from 5pm to 7pm. They will conduct a number of workshops about photography to our visitors. The team works under Kuwait Voluntary Work Center. You are all invited to attend and advance your photographic knowledge. 

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  1. Slashy says:

    وناسه عاد من زمان خاطري أروح المركز العلمي والحين بعد بيسون جذي لازم أروح

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