HDMI 5×1 Port Switcher

I have a SHARP AQUA LCD TV which i bought few years back.

Back then i didn’t need that many HDMI ports and didn’t care to only have 2 HDMI ports. But later, when i started having Blu-ray, xbox, Abu Dhabi receiver, Media server and OSN Box i wished i went for a TV with most HDMI ports.

For few months I’ve been looking to buy HMDI hub so i went to xCite, Eureka and others but there prices were over the top, some hubs were tagged for 60KD. shda3wa

So i tried Amazon and found the beauty for $16.99. Five in HDMI’s One Out to the TV. I’ve been using it for about 10 days and it’s fantastic, It change’s from device to another automatically without any hassle. I really wish i bought it earlier bedal el bahdala

It comes with a remote control to change from source to another, or you can change manually with the button on the hub, or you can use the automatic switch for the available running source.

Product Description
HDMI 5×1 5 Port Switch/Switcher with IR Remote Support 3D PET0501S is a five-input HDMI switcher. It switchers the five HDMI inputs to the output. These five inputs are auto switching. Description The 5×1 HDMI Switcher routes high definition video (in multiple resolutions up to 1080p) and digital audio from any one of the five sources to display unit. Five inputs accommodate the simultaneous connection of up to five high definition video sources, such as satellite systems and HD DVD players. The output sends the high definition audio/video signals to a high definition display. This kind of the HDMI Amplifier Switcher not only has the key-press-switching function, but also has the IR remote control and intelligent function. Feature: * Switch easily between any five HDMI sources * Extends the range of HDMI compliant device by equalizing and re-clocking the HDMI signal * Maintains high resolution video – beautiful, sharp HDTV resolutions up to 1080p, 2k, and computer resolutions up to 1920 x 1200 are easily achieved * Discrete IR remote (included) * HDMI pass-through * HDCP pass-through * Support 3D Package contends : * 5×1 Switch x 1 * IR Receiver x 1 * Remote x 1


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