review; Gulf Jazz Festival in Kuwait

Last weekend I’ve went to the Gulf Jazz Festival in Al Hashemi II at Radisson BLU Hotel. I thought was just a normal jazz gig so i went wearing causal with the wife, but when we arrived there almost everybody was dress up and ready for a class party.

Al Hashemi was nice and fancy, the stage was centered and everybody can see the band so there is no bad seat. The gig include a dinner and it was very delicious, i really enjoyed it :).

The band “Jarek Smietana Trio” started at 8:30 with drummer, base and lead guitar, there was neither SAX nor piano, I was really disappointed. They were OK, but not what i have in mind especially I’ve been to a lot of jazz shows overseas.

Later “Karen Edwards” joined the band and added a little bit of flavor and enthusiastic to the show but the crowed was one of the worst I’ve seen, it’s like they came to eat and chat and the band just play in the background.

The band tried to get the people excited but they failed 🙁 the music was not that great and i think because there weren’t any drinks people was still behaving 🙂 and at 11:00 the party finished.

Overall i rate the event 6/10.

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