I Need A Doctor ~ By Dr. Dre

The video makes reference to the death of his son Andre Young, Jr. who died January of 2009 from a heroin and morphine overdose, but appears to be dedicated to Eric Lynn Wright (aka Easy-E) who was the first to sign Dr. Dre to his record label Ruthless Records. Easy-E formed the record label with money he earned selling drugs, although later he became a rapper himself. Easy-E died from AIDS at the age of 31 due to his permiscous lifestyle, having had seven children with six different women, and he may have been bis*xual as well.

The video appears to tell the story of how Easy-E gave Dr. Dre his start, he gave Eminem his start, but despite helping so many others get their start in music Dr. Dre’s friends left him for dead when he needed their help the most, except for Eminem who never forgot his mentor.

Great song by Dr. Dre feature Eminem
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