Astronaut Jose At TSCK

Last Thursday TSCK hosted a lecture by Astronaut Jose Hernandez. The event was organized by KGL and University of the Pacific- USA.

Astronaut Dr. Jose Hernandez started the lecture with his childhood dream and how he wanted to be an Astronaut since the age of 7, when Neil Armstrong landed on the moon and how he fancies himself following Nile footsteps.

He continued with pleasure on his hard attempts to apply to be an astronaut with NASA and how he try to improve his chances year after year till he got accepted after 12 years of trying. Every time he got rejected he go and study new studies and learn new skills from scuba diving to flying. I was all joy listening to him. It was the best lecture i’ve been too.

After his biography, he narrated on his first airspace launch to space-station and it was amazing 15min film. Followed by fans signatures.

It was a great event and I would love to thank everyone that has been involved in it. THANK YOU ALL FOR THE GREAT EXPERIENCE!

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