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I’ve recently watched the film on OSN HD and I’ve liked the film very much. I think it varies for people in likening the film from boys to girls to British drama lovers and football fans, Because the film is about how a manager of football club has carried his team from second to first division just to play his rival manager and beat him out of a grudge. And after a huge success he took over managing his rival team, only to be damned for his short charge at that club.

I loved how they mastered the footage they really make you feel it been filmed back in the late 60’s and early 70’s. The film also shows you how the British are stiff and real wankers to deal with. You have to be up for it to work with them and i like that in the British people.

I wish they make a film that good about Sir Alex Ferguson and show how he started with MANUTD till now. Maybe they will, but they are waiting until he quit.

I rate the film 8/10. I enjoyed watching it.

Plot> In 1974, Brian Clough was named manager of Leeds United, then one of the most successful teams in English football. He was fired 44 days later after Leeds got off to its worst start in 20 years. He had replaced the legendary Don Revie who left Leeds to become manager of England’s national team but never managed to gain the loyalty of the players nor implement his own style of managing. In flashbacks, Clough’s rocky relationship with Revie is revealed going back to an FA Cup match in 1968 when he felt Revie snubbed him. As presented in the film, Clough was driven to show up Revie and was a very successful manager, leading Derby County to the league championship. In the end, his ultra-sized ego and lack of concern for those around him led to his downfall. In future years Clough had great success, re-established himself as a top manager leading his teams to victory and was, in the words of the filmmaker, the greatest manager England never had. Written by garykmcd

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  1. نواف says:

    very good movie … I enjoyed it 🙂

    In the start of the film, when he went on signing old players, one of them was Dave McKay who then replaced him. He went on to coach Al-Arabi (مكرم السامع) in the early 80s 🙂

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