It become a habit

I wanted to jump out of an airplane for a long time and finally last year i had the chance to do so in Canada and it was the best ever feeling. It’s indescribable feeling, looking out of an airplane soaring at 13,000ft and jump is just awesome.

So I look for a SkyDive whenever I plane for a trip and that is just what i did when I went to Dubai. I went with Dubai Skydive and I think they are the only skydive center in Dubai.

There are very neat and organized and really professional in their handling. I booked via email before i left Kuwait but you have to pay a downpayment to confirm the booking. The skydive cost 1700ADE and the downpayment is 700ADE which is a fair price for an experience like that.

The Drop Zone is in Dubai Marine just off Jumeirah Palms, and the facilities were good, all staff are friendly and kinda crazy which makes the whole experience from the time you pass the door to the time you leave so great. Really loved the atmosphere.

On a side note, what i didn’t like about the jump was the view from the sky, it was all yellowish and deserty and the air was a bit sandy :(.

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  1. M says:

    OH MY GODDDD!!!! DUUUUDEEEE you have inspired me!!
    I am sooo doing it in June inshallah:) But hopefully with more greenery look!:)

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