My iPhone screen got smashed :(

Im feeling super very terribly down now 🙁 ..

UPDATE: 1 Feb 2011

I had few options to replace my iPhone screen back then:
1. Get a new original screen from the internet and use youtube as a guide to replace it.
2. Get the iPhone to iCity or digits and cost me an arm and leg.
3. Get it to Hawally and repair it with kinda original screen.

I thought it would be safe and trusty to go with option 1, but it would mean that i have to wait for the screen and i couldn’t wait, also after seeing the repair video got me freaked out of number of screws that i need to open.

So option 3 was the realistic option but then i got a comment on my post that someone offered to replace the screen for feasible price. So i tried him but guess what. The first screen he installed was damaged and didn’t work at all, The second screen was not even from the edges and looked really bad (and that took him two days). I told him THANK YOU FOR NOTHING and took my iPhone to Hawally and i should have done at the first place.

In 45min i got new screen that cost me 38KD which is good i think. But someone has damaged my camera 🙁

2 Responses to “My iPhone screen got smashed :(”

  1. modyzaza says:

    hi there

    if you want i will fix it for you in good price 😛

    my number : 55069309

  2. Ab Shtail says:

    Thanks, im gonna give you a call then.

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