معرض السيارات 2010 الكويت

Last week, I went to Kuwait Cars exhibit and it wasn’t as good as it was last year, there are less interesting cars and the organization sucked, the place was very crowded and people weren’t guided for a better flow between exhibits.

I liked 3 thing I’ve seen there, 1972 Austen Marten, the new MINI Cooper Countryman and almost all females representatives of car dealers.

MINI Cooper Countryman: It look nice from the outside and should look better from the inside, it was dull and empty, but i guess since it’s the first model they didn’t want to give away all their ideas, Just like the first MINI cooper in 2002 release it got better with years.

One more take on the Countryman, it’s bigger in-size and should have a bigger engine as well, 4 cylinder ma twakel 3eesh :(. they should consider a new engine.

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