That’s a sexy weather

What a weather we are having today, Wish elmo5ayam is set and ready so that we can enjoy days like this. I really hope we get a good winter break specially after last summer.

After work im not going home, I will just stay outdoors till night 🙂

yallah ybeela mo5ayam

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  1. Not just "money they may bring in," as in "to the company [e.g. Goldman], but "money they may accumulate personally." However, the alacrity of the resignation suggests that, maybe sometimes, amidst the anechoic effect, an echo is heard. And a university president resigns. Good posting, Dr. Poses.

  2. love the outfit! those pants are fabulous! Just found ur blog-I love it! My fave clothing item that makes me feel fab is a new black sexy silk dress I bought. It might be a new outfit of the day for next week… you should pass by my fashion blog and check it out! hope you do. btw: I followed!can't wait to read more!

  3. [..YouTube..] VIS VIRES I loved your intro! Hey, our next official weigh in is this coming Friday. So those numbers might come down a little by then. Even if it takes a few weeks to relose, the final weigh in is the most important. Just don’t give up and WE CAN DO THIS.

  4. http://www./ says:

    Todd, and all at QLI! Congratulations on your roll out. No easy task, re-branding, and I’m delighted you worked with Webster Design. I love the new look. Hope all is well at QLI, and that we will work together again if the need arises. Take care – Kathy Seaman, AOI

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