Saved by Saudi riyal

Last weekend something intersecting happen to me when i was desperately trying to refuel my car.

I was just out of a wedding and heading to friends barbecuing at “Bu Al7a9aniy” beach and my car was running on empty but luckily managed to get to Fahaheel Expy. Gas Station, I didn’t had any cash on me so i asked they guy who works there: “Do you accept K-Net or is there any ATM in here”

And the guy said: “No we don’t accept cash nor have ATM, BUT WE ACCEPT FOREIGN CURRENCY.”

At first i thought this guy is going to rip me off, but said what the heck, i have to refuel anyway. So i used some Saudi money i had from my last visit to Bahrain few months back.

But the exchange rate was fair enough, it was 1KD = 13SR and this guy told me he accept $, £, € and anything else :)..

At the end i was saved by Saudi riyals and got on time to me friends.

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