Zain Bolt router

My commitment with Zain has ended after two years and it was time to look for better options or stay with Zain (which I’m not very satisfied with) I was paying about KD34 for 1,500 minutes and 500GB shared data, but I always end up paying more for some weird reasons, and I’m not kind of guy who chits chat a lot.

I looked at other providers and the feedback never was good. Viva, as I’ve been told, is on a decline and their internet is not always good everywhere. Ooredoo never looked better and social media filled with upset customers.

So I did the obvious and stayed safe with what I know. I downgraded my plan and got me BOLT router.

As any router, it was easy to setup and get it running, and right away I did a speed test and it was the same average speed that I used to get with my LTE Advance router. But streaming on my TV, iPad and Bose speakers improved a lot.

Later that day I did another speed test and it was in the 70s, it was insane, I did another test the following day and it was in the 60s – testing improved a lot – but it wasn’t only testing was good also browsing was great, my Kids noticed the difference and told me we should have got this router long before.

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  1. Teqleed says:

    I wanted to sub to the bolt plan, but sadly ALL zain, viva, ooreedoo, all of those companies is so SLOW for me 🙁

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