Zafran 1st anniversary

Last week was invited to Zafran 1st anniversary in “Light Complex Restaurants”. It’s been a while since i’ve been to an event, thought blowing is dead from the social media.

I went with a friend who enjoy food just like me, as we tried the award-winning contemporary Indian restaurant Zafran a sneak preview of their ‘Regional Flavors of India, a regional curries menu’. There was some entertainment on the night which was provided by a local dance troupe and DJ, it was fun.

From Gosht Vindaloo to Dhaba-style chicken curry and Kerala fish curry inspired by God’s own country, each of the curries is classic and prepared individually using only the most authentic ingredients. Once again vegetarians have not been forgotten.  The menu features dishes such as Rajasthani chakki ki sabzi, a popular gravy curry, Papad Ki Sabzi and Punjabi Baingan Bharta all very local and never been showcased commercially.

“Regional Flavors of India has been conceptualized to take diners on a culinary journey through curries. This menu presents the sheer diversity of Indian cuisine. A great representation of the regions they’re from, each recipe has been subtly enhanced to fit Zafran’s distinctive philosophy and palate, celebrating the subtle and complex flavors of Indian cuisine, yet remaining light on the stomach,” said Chef Gaurav Singh, Brand Chef at Zafran.

You can order Zafran from or visit “Light Complex Restaurants” in Mahboula.

To make a reservation please call: 00965 97281007



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