Applying for Visa is getting easier


More and more visa application becoming online for Kuwaiti. Recently I was trying to apply for the Australian visa and thought to get an appointment online, but then I found I can apply too, so I did. I’ve created a username and password and filled in my info, paid the fees and submitted.

And in few hours got a confirmation email, and then few hours later I got anther email. I didn’t bother to open the second email thinking it is another confirmation email. You can do all of that at

Few days later I went back to check the emails to see when is my appointment or do I have to do something then I read the email with it attachment and it was the visa. Is was very simple and very fast to get it. ~ Read more

And just last week there been an announcement in the newspaper that now you can apply for the French medical visa online and you can get it in 48 hours.

Hope more to follow.

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