Songs Recap: Sept

I’ll try to recap some of the songs I listen to on radio or in films and series soundtracks I’m watching with a little brief.

  1. KIOSK “Yarom Bia” – Never listened to “Yarom Bia” or any Iranian songs before, but not until I watched  The ending credit of “Maz Jobrani: Im not a terrorist, but i’ve played one on TV” on Netflix I’ve listened to like a 20 songs already. Very good song, I liked it.

2. Narcos – Tuyo by Rodrigo Amarante – You just can’t ignore Narcos theme song when season 2 is just released.

3. This guy’s in love with you – You can pick up so many from The Simpsons. In an episode where Smithers trying to come out and share his love with Mr. Burns. This song fits very well.

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