OSN HD ShowBox

With all the hype of HD channels and everybody having HD decoder, i was no different, but i owned Showtime ShowBox and i wanted to replace it with another ShowBox so i waited more than others.

elmohem, last week i got my OSN HD ShowBox 🙂 and sadly the decoder not user friendly at all, it sucks big time, you have to navigate in 1600 channels to get your channel and the remote control is bigger in size than the old one and doesn’t feel right.

I used to have the magic eye with my subscription but they said that feature is not available in HD ShowBox so they give me a FREE HD decoder and FREE second OSN subscription 🙂

The only upside of the HD ShowBox is the HD quality it’s really good so good that you only want to watch the HD channels.

OSN says there going to be a new software soon that will enable users to create their own channel list and channel arrangement just like any other decoder.

3 Responses to “OSN HD ShowBox”

  1. tareq Al-awadi says:

    اشدعوا ناس و نااااااس

  2. Ab Shtail says:

    انت ليلحين ماركبت!؟ علبالي من اول الناس مركب انت ” في اي بي” يا بطروق

  3. tareq Al-awadi says:

    بعد يمكن لانكم اقرب

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