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For ages, I had my photos in a backed up hard disk waiting to be sorted out and organised, but every time I open my folders and see the 36k+ photos I just shut off.

I was using Google Drive for sometime now, and I said I should give Google Photos a try, and it was great.

I uploaded my 36k+ photos and videos to Google Photos and it took almost 5 straight days.

Now I can access all my photos anywhere anytime, not only that, it also sort’s the photos with face grouping which is amazing and so accurate (it also categorise them to places, events and things) and if that wasn’t enough, it create moments and mini videos.

I had only one question, will I lost quality and resolution? and it was first question in Google Photos FAQs.

What should I choose if I take photos with my phone?
Most phone cameras are less than 16 megapixels (like iPhone 6 and Samsung Galaxy phones), so most stored photos will essentially look the same if you choose High quality.

High quality
Unlimited free storage.
Regular cameras: Recommended for phones or point-and-shoot cameras that are 16 megapixels (MP) or less.
Uses: Good for typical printing and sharing.
Size: Saves high-quality photos and videos while reducing size.

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