EPL laws of the game changed

After the Euro 2016 there has been some changes and amendments to football and English Premier League laws, they are in breif:

CHANGE 1 Kick-off: The ball no longer has to go forward at kick-off.

CHANGE 2 Pre-match red cards: The new law states a player may be sent off any time between the pre-match inspection and when the referee leaves the field at the end of the game.

CHANGE 3 An end to the ‘triple-punishment law‘: The law has now been changed so players committing accidental fouls that deny goal-scoring opportunities in the penalty area will not be automatically sent off, with a yellow card sufficient punishment.

CHANGE 4 Treating injuries: The injured player may be quickly treated on the pitch without the need to leave the field of play.

CHANGE 5 Changing boots/equipment: A player who briefly leaves the field (e.g. to change boots) may have his new boots checked by an assistant referee or fourth official before returning to play.

CHANGE 6 Penalties: To yellow card a penalty taker who “illegally feints” once his run-up is complete.

CHANGE 7 Infringements by substitutes/team officials: If play is stopped due to interference from a team official or substitute, rather than the award of an indirect free-kick or drop ball, the referee will now award a free-kick or penalty kick to the opposition.

CHANGE 8 Colour of undergarments: The new rule states undershorts/tights must be the same colour as the main colour of the shorts.

CHANGE 9 Offside: The law now states the halfway line is neutral, meaning a player must have part of the body (excluding arms or hands) in the opponents’ half to be flagged offside.

CHANGE 10 Handballs: Handball is now a yellow card offence when “it stops/interferes with a promising attack”.

CHANGE 11 Restarts: The phrase “clearly moves” has been added to the law on restarts, meaning attempts to trick the opposition by lightly tapping the ball at a corner.

CHANGE 12 Player behaviour: Referees have been urged to take a stronger stand on “intolerable behaviour” by players.


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