KAT is out

Last week I was trying to get new films and series, but whenever I access a KAT domain it was either locked or not working and I thought they might be under maintenance, until I read the news below.

The U.S. Government has arrested the alleged owner of KickassTorrents, the world’s largest torrent site. The 30-year-old Ukrainian was arrested in Poland today and is charged with criminal copyright infringement and money laundering. In addition, a federal court in Chicago has ordered the seizure of several KAT domain names.

The 30-year-old Artem Vaulin, from Ukraine, was arrested today in Poland from where the United States has requested his extradition.

It also shows that Apple handed over personal details of Vaulin after the investigator cross-referenced an IP-address used for an iTunes transaction with an IP-address that was used to login to KAT’s Facebook account.

Although not all domain names and servers were seized, the site quickly disappeared and after nearly a week there is still no sign of life. At least, not at the original site. ~

I’m not sure if Kuwait is under the low of illegal downloading or not, but what a pity they should down KAT 🙁 , Most KAT domain now redirect you to a KAT forum and discussion community.

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