La Hoja Cigar lounge

La Hoja Cigar lounge at Kuwaiti city, It sounds great, but I was is ok. I was expecting better.

In Kuwait when it comes to selling cigars there are to major players, Alsawani who is distributing Cuban Cigars and Big Smoke who is distributing non-cuban Cigars. Those two are more than enough to supply Kuwait with the cigars but they are controlling the prices in the lack of competitors and still are not providing smoking lounges.

Big Smoke have a great shop and very good smoking area. I’m not considering Big Smoke a cigar lounge simply because you can’t just come in smoke alone or with your friends without interfering with the owner, its more of the owner friends smoking lounge.

With the new no smoking law in Kuwait, there is more and more need for cigar lounges and places to smoke and it was great timing for La Hoja cigar lounge to open there place.

Its located in Kuwait City at Noof Tower ground floor, it have a coffee shop and cigar lounge. The place is only few blocks away from Alhamra tower.

La Hoja have sizeable members only lounge with about 20 leather seats. It’s the kind of lounge you can come in sit and have a proper cigar, alone or with friends or meet new friends. Non member are also welcomed to smoke for a fee of 5KD, it’s not much but still it’s not little, but I don’t mind to come alone from time to time to enjoy great smoke and listen to good music.

Since La Hoja have a coffee shop you can also have a meal and drinks. They have a lot of variety you can choose from. When I was there I was tempted to eat, but I was there to smoke.

For every cigars shop, the cigars collection is very important, and I found their cigars collections is very modest, Not much variety as they are focusing on regional cigars, They do have top brands, but I was expecting more.

Also there is something off about their decoration, I can’t pinpoint what, but it’s not classic nor modern. The place have a great potential and it will only get better as they are still on soft opening.

They have two membership plans, a Standard Membership and VIP Membership and they come at great value and added benefits.

If you are a cigar aficionado you got to check their place, you will enjoy your time.

You can follow them on Instagram at LaHojaKw

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