Kubbar environmental police

Last weekend I went with friends to Kubbar Island  and for the first in a long time it was unusually clean. I thought it because we are the first to arrive and maybe when we leave it will be looking messy and be dirty.

But as soon as we laid our boat and started unpacking our stuff on the beach, Kuwait coastguards with environmental police came in and asked for our registration and papers, when we asked why? they said: So we check on your spot and see if it’s clean before you leave. We all where Waw that’s good, someone cares !!

Also there were some environmental police walking around from time to time and urge people to take out their trash or keep their place clean.

So far what they are doing is acutely working. The island was clean when we came and it was clean when we left.

Hope they counting to do so until the people them self build sense of responsibility and keep the island clean.

To get in touch With EPA please visit  Environment Public Authority (EPA) – Kuwait

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